Drawing from the pure art of songwriting, Taylor Henry has managed to remain a true craftsman of the trade.


Taylor Henry attributes his journey towards music to meeting James Taylor, the musical genius himself when he was 16 years old. "James is the guy who ruined me. I might have had a more responsible life, gone to college, gotten a degree. Instead, I’m out here spinning my wheels for just enough money to get to the next gig, and, I love it”! From that moment on, he dedicated his life to using his voice to express his story and emotions in a way that will resonate with people everywhere.

As a recording and touring artist, Henry has shared the stage with some of the industry’s prominent names including the Allman Brothers, Blake Shelton, Bo Bice, and The Charlie Daniels Band. He has an ability to fill a space with his unique sound, to hear a harmony and reproduce it with great precision, and has dedication to the purity of songwriting that allows him to shine bright in a cloud of pop-centric performers.

The pathway has not been easy as Henry has often felt challenged to change in order to fit the mold of society’s taste in music. “The toughest part has been trying to be true to myself lyrically and vocally while trying to be marketable at the same time”. Despite the difficulties, he has been able to maintain a steady career and recently released The Attic EP, which houses a collections of songs Taylor’s written the past few years.

When you hear his original songs "Me & You” and "You're Everything,”, it is easy to see the influences of the raw pop sounds of the 60’s mixed with his early love of progressive rock. His tenor vocals paired with timeless harmonies are his distinctive attributes. Taylor Henry has taken a risk by returning to the roots of music rather than opting in for flashy stage performances and overly produced tracks. Prepare to be surprised by the power of simplicity and authenticity.