Inside The Attic


Every record has a skeleton. The core sound that lifts and holds the rest of the project together. The skeleton of The Attic was crafted by myself, Brian Fullen (percussion/drums) and Dow Tomlin (bass). When I sat down with my producer Kim, we decided to approach the recording of the album the same way my heroes did in the past; James Taylor, Jim Croce, Michael Jackson, etc.

I was excited to bring in both Dow and Brian to build this record with bass, drums/percussion, and acoustic rhythm guitar. Doing this allowed for there to be the space needed for the layering of instrumentation coming from rest of the musicians that would be in the studio later. It also allowed us to explore each song at it’s core, to flesh out every possibility, and to truly focus on each song to take it where it needed to go musically.

Without these two cats, the record would still be okay, but it wouldn’t be GREAT… Dow and Brian are badasses!

Left: Dow Tomlin (bass) Middle: Brian Fullen (percussion/drums)

Left: Dow Tomlin (bass) Middle: Brian Fullen (percussion/drums)

Brent Mason (lead guitar)

Brent Mason (lead guitar)


Everyone in the industry knows this guy. Brent Mason has a ridiculous resume, having played on so many songs that I grew up listening to. He’s such an accomplished player, just google him and it’ll blow your mind. Sorry if that makes you feel old Brent!

Kim Copeland (producer), Kelly Schoenfeld (engineer) and myself blocked off the whole studio to have Brent come in, because we knew we wanted to utilize his skill-set in the most efficient way possible. Because he’s a lead player, he was naturally the next guy to come in and build on top of what Brian, Dow, and I had done.

Brent fell right into the pocket and got what Kim and I were going for with each song which, believe it or not, doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. We bounced ideas back and forth, I gave him direction, but I wanted to make sure that every player on this record had the freedom to actually CREATE… Unlike what they’re usually used to, which is to play it safe.



It was wonderful meeting the ridiculously talented Cara Fox. She came into the studio, and we just let her go. She’s played with and for some amazing artists in the industry, and her name has been blowing up even within the past couple of years, so I’m extremely grateful she was able to come out and put her talent into this record.

Cara, you definitely helped lift each song you played on. Your cello and personal touch while playing added so much, the album wouldn’t be the same without you!

Cara Fox (cello)

Cara Fox (cello)


Taylor Henry