It took me a few days to be okay with writing about the recent events that have taken place. Whether or not you agree with LGBT rights, I feel like we can all agree on that fact that it's WAY too damn easy for people to access assault weapons which were made for one purpose; taking multiple lives in the shortest amount of time possible.

I'm from Kentucky... I enjoy tobacco, whiskey, and shooting guns. I've shot multiple guns; WWII era rifles and handguns (for target shooting and nostalgia purposes),  rifles for hunting (I've never hunted for "sport"), and shotguns (for shooting clay). I've also shot machine guns. Yes, they give you a nice sense of power when shooting multiple rounds in a short amount of time, which many of my gun enthusiast friends enjoy, as did I... But, isn't that kind of the problem? It seems most people that want access to automatic weapons want them for the power they have. Can we really expect even half of those people to be truly responsible?

In a world that has become so detached from itself, why the hell do we want MORE guns in the hands of "law abiding citizens?"

Even just a few years ago when I was in school, people settled things by whooping one another's asses on the playground, in the parking lot, or even at the local park. When someone was a bully, they got their ass kicked eventually by those who wouldn't stand for their stupidity. Now that everyone has a phone, texting and online conversations have taken over. There is a lack of human interaction, therefore we see one another as figures online, almost like video game characters, rather than people who actually have thoughts and feelings. THIS is one of the many reasons I believe assault weapons shouldn't be readily available for anyone to purchase. 

Now, we can get into a whole hell of a lot of depth with the underlying problems that contribute to our current state of obsession with mass murders. Should parents punish their children? My experience in the world shows children lack respect for elders. Sometimes I want to whip a kid when I see their parents aren't going to do anything to correct the behavior of their own child. Should kids be more socially involved with those around them? Again, my belief is that, due to lack of social interaction, kids immediately go to "I'm gonna kill you" rather than "I'm gonna kick your ass." Should parents/teachers raise children to care and learn about those outside of their own bubble? My time in Europe showed a huge disconnect that we Americans have with the rest of the world. Children everywhere else on the planet learn multiple languages, study the arts, and are informed about many things our schools dare not tell their students. 

Finally.. Religion. Something people say you shouldn't discuss. I grew up in a christian and southern baptist area. It wasn't until I left my small hometown that I started to learn about other religions. Different ideologies. I'm all for people having their own thoughts and beliefs. Everyone is going to think differently from you. So, why would you expect someone to believe what YOU believe, if you would never believe what they believe? Because you're right? What makes you right and them wrong? Do you not think that if you grew up in Afghanistan, you would have been brought up a Muslim? Or in India, Hinduism? Or Southeast Asia, Buddhism?

What a lot of this comes down to is hatred. Certainty of one's correctness. I find it funny that people are so certain that they're right, they cause harm to those they believe wrong. Westboro Baptist is a great example. Hate filled douchebags who disrespect just about everyone that disagrees with them in the slightest. People who praised the acts of hate over this weekend because of their disdain for the gay community. It's ridiculous. 

I definitely stand by my friends in the LGBT community. And I always will. Just because you don't agree with something, doesn't make you right. Maybe if we as a society started looking at this planet for what it is - A pale blue dot, lost among the billions of other planets and stars in our universe; an atom in a grain of sand on a beach... Then maybe, MAYBE we'll start to treat one another as the gifts that we all are. Humans and animals are here because of one miraculous event or the other. Whether you believe in creation or the big bang, we're all here to make this planet better. We should treat it and it's inhabitants the way we all want to be treated. With love, respect. 

My hope is one day murders will end. Senseless animal cruelty will cease to exist. We all say how horrible it is that there's pollution in our water, we're killing our oceans, we're cutting down trees (our only source of oxygen), we're watching children starve or die of thirst. If it's so terrible, then why the fuck don't we do something about it? Nothing has ever been done without a conscious decision by a society to change things. Isn't it time we do the same? Why can't we stop the senseless wars and spending to suppress those we deem inferior to ourselves? Why can't that money go toward clean water, education, the arts?

Why can't we understand that #LoveConquersHate?

There. That's the end of my rambling. Hopefully you find something worth while in the mass of thoughts I've spilled out onto your screens.



Taylor Henry